Kingdom of Wonder

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There is something about Siem Reap, Cambodia.

When dusk falls, a warm, salty air hits your face; wind that probably comes from the stream that stretches in the middle of the road. The yellow light from lamp posts bounces off the water so as you ride a Tuktuk, the flicker skips from the corner of your eyes as if following you.

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I didn’t quite believe in the power of hugs until maybe today.

A friend told me earlier that a person needs to be hugged daily, with one lasting for about 20 seconds for a proper serotonin fix.

I’m not a hug person, it goes with not being affectionate, so one day, months ago, when he suddenly came out of nowhere asking me for a hug, I resisted briefly.

“What’s wrong?”
“I just need a hug.”

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