Convergence in Siem Reap

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The night had settled onto Siem Reap when they spontaneously found themselves a little far off the central district where there are no city lights. Just darkness, the contours of the Angkor Wat revealing itself whenever the moon shone above it.

It was quiet and she was clueless, thinking that the most interesting story to take home the next day was how Cambodians love their vegetables. Even barbecues sold at street carts have vegetables in them. She knew this because while their friends explored the open grounds of the Artisan d’ Angkor, she stayed outside with him, shedding a few of their last dollars on endless sticks of Cambodian barbecue.

But that night they were set for a completely different story.

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Nation of broken hearts

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I’m back at the University of Santo Tomas, my Alma Mater — not at the plaza or my old building or even the walkways I spent endless hours in college just burning time, but at the hospital.

I’ve never been inside the UST Hospital before. I never needed anyway because my heart behaved well for four years. I never had to be wheeled to the emergency room, never had to gasp for breath crossing the bridge from the clinic ward to the laboratories.

But for a while now, I think I have a broken heart, literally.

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