The Sinister and the Young Journalist

Jessica Soho’s interview with Gen. Almonte was aired on GMA News TV

Last week, my anchor Jessica Soho interviewed General Jose T. Almonte, former National Security Adviser to Fidel Ramos. Before that I did not know who Almonte was.

I did my homework to the best of my ability. More than that, I read his 333-page memoir to make sure I wasn’t clueless for the interview. I had my own questions, but I was prepared never to have them answered. What I wasn’t prepared for were the questions that followed that interview.

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Why the broken go to Baguio

This was first published on GMA News Online

By now it is no longer a myth: Baguio has a mysterious healing power for the broken. On the surface you could attribute it to the cold weather, but only when you have developed a love affair with the city would you understand that the weather has little to do with it.

I have been going to Baguio since I was very young. My fondest childhood memories consist of strawberry taho outside the Holy Family Church in Bakakeng during Sundays, and exploring the forests that often lead to hidden waterfalls and wildflowers. I would always get scratches from the tall grasses, but I’d also come home smelling of pine cones, making the adults forget to scold me.

Through familiarity, Baguio has become home that I never once took a second look at it. But I grew up and found that you habitually lose yourself with age. And whenever I tried to find myself, the search always led me to the mountains.

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