Trash for Home: The Mangyans of Puerto Galera

This report was first published on GMA News Online

Ciriaco Bibo is a name nobody knew before. Now every official in Puerto Galera, from its mayor down to the barangay tanods, are keeping a close watch.

Bibo is the fiercest opponent of the landfill project of the local government of Puerto Galera. His is the voice that has landed this issue on national dailies and blogs that have gone viral, when the government would rather have kept it quiet.

On a hot Saturday afternoon, on the contested land of Sitio Lapantay in Barangay Villaflor, Bibo climbed a mountian to show the school that the Department of Education built for their children. They waited so long for this, he said, and they are not about to lose it to a landfill.

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