The Parable Of The Watershed

This is the original draft of the report that was published on GMA News Online

Dave Azurin’s resume is not a piece of paper. It is a 1,500 hectare-forest with 765,000 trees.

Sixteen years ago, experts described the La Mesa watershed at the heart of Quezon City “totally disturbed.” The watershed was turning brown due to slash-and-burn farming (kaingin), and informal settlers increased through years, turning it into an urban jungle and leaving the natural forest cover to a distant memory.

Azurin tells this story as if he was telling a tragic tale of a child he lost — and the story of its redemption like he saw that child revived in front of his very eyes.

It was 1999 and Azurin was hired to head the reforestation efforts of the 2,000-hectare forest.

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