This Victory Matters

This is the original draft of the essay that appeared on
The news was broken to us around 7:30 pm last night, Thursday, June 25.
My head writer on State of the Nation, and one of the officers of Talents Association of GMA, Edma Remillano, whispered to me while we were writing our scripts: “Nanalo tayo sa NLRC (We won in NLRC).”
We were told that our Association President was just outside our Newsroom with the official papers.
So we ran outside, knowing we could not spare more than a minute because we still had jobs to do.
I counted it. 10 seconds to hug our fellow TAG members, 10 seconds to congratulate them and shake the hands of the 5 people who were there. 10 seconds to snap a photo of the first 3 pages of the decision.
And 30 seconds to compose a short status on our Facebook page:
“TAG wins its regularization case before the NLRC. In a resolution signed by Labor Arbiter Julio Gayaman, TAG members were declared by NLRC Labor Arbiter regular employees of GMA Network.”
It may just be one of the most important news I have ever broken.

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