Starting to say Goodbye

 Update: More than a hundred talent workers of GMA who filed a class suit were allowed to continue their service, by virtue of retention contracts. I am part of that group. However, our future at the company beyond our contract still remains  unclear.
Not because you are saying goodbye doesn’t mean you love what you’re saying goodbye to any less.

Today is December 1, and in 30 days I may no longer have a job.

To make saying goodbye easier, I will start today: a farewell letter to my life’s greatest love State of the Nation with Jessica Soho. 

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You calling us wuss?

This essay was first published on Inquirer’s Young Blood

Bret Easton Ellis can kiss my generation’s ass.

The celebrated American author wrote a rare text for Vanity Fair recently, calling the millennials—my generation—Generation Wuss. He did admit that his judgments are “huge generalities,” but didn’t stop at saying we are oversensitive and overinsistent that we are right “despite the overwhelming proof that they are not.”

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